August 9-12 , 2018

East Peoria, Illinois

Embassy Suites Hotel

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The Embassy Suites Hotel

The Embassy Suites is a luxury all suites hotel along the Illinois River. The property includes a convention center with large indoor exhibition space, great parking lot for the show field, an indoor pool, hot breakfast buffet, and free happy hour daily. It's conveniently located near many eating and drinking establishments.
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Central Illinois

Central Illinois and the Peoria area offer many fun activities if you want to extend your stay or get away from the show venue. In the Peoria area there are many museums, go carts, wineries and distilleries, and a riverboat casino. Just an hour south of Peoria is Springfield, with the Lincoln Library, Lincoln's Home, New Salem (Lincoln's boyhood home), and the Dana Thomas Home (Frank Lloyd Wright). Click HERE for more information

Four Days of Fun!

We have something for everyone, from driving events to parking lot parties - fun for the whole family!

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Scheduled Fun

We have four days of activities both at the hotel and around the area to let you enjoy your Fiero and fellow Fiero owners. Thursday night, we will go for a cruise and end at an old-fashioned diner. Friday, we will cruise down Route 66 to Pontiac, IL where we will tour the Pontiac Oakland Museum. You'll want to make sure to get a picture of your Fiero under the famous Route 66 mural. Saturday is show day, so make sure your car is shined up for the judges (there will also be participant ballot and celebrity chosen awards). Saturday night, we have a great line up of speakers to discuss the history of the Fiero. Sunday morning, we will have awards after your free breakfast buffet. Click HERE for the complete events schedule

Impromptu Fun

Besides the great cars, the best part of attending an Anniversary Show is catching up with old Fiero friends and making some new ones. Everyday, the hotel hosts a Happy Hour reception in the lobby area. The Embassy Suites offers many areas, both inside and out, to hang out and talk Fieros. There are many ongoing activities throughout the weekend, including a model contest and Fiero memorabilia displays in the indoor exhibition area.

Family Fun

The Fiero 35th Anniversary Show will be fun for kids of all ages. The hotel has large rooms to accommodate families and an indoor pool. During the show, we encourage all kids present to pick up a kids ballot and vote for their favorite Fieros. We will have a model contest, so a great way to get ready for the 35th would be to put together a Fiero model. Away from the venue, Peoria offers fun activities for adults and children.

Black Top Racing Presents the Fiero 35th Anniversary is hosted by:

The Midwest Fiero Clubs, a Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America.

Registration / Merchandise

Show pre-registration and merchandise pre-orders will be available starting in October of 2017 until July 13, 2018 (subject to change)

We are utilizing Eventbrite for Registration and Mechandise Orders.

Basic Registration will include:

  • Entry for the Show for one Fiero

  • OEM quality Front Fascia Badge with show logo

  • Laser Cut Commemorative Stainless Steel Key Chain Fob

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Front Fascia Badge

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Stainless Steel Key Fob

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Event T-Shirt (S-XXL)

The 35th Anniversary of the Pontiac Fiero

Presented by Black Top Racing

Although the show is on Saturday, your preperation for it begins as soon as you arrive at the Venue. The show is a Judged show, you will compete against cars similiar to your own. There will also be participant ballots, distinguished speaker awards, and kids' choice awards.

Car Classification and Safety Check

All cars must be classified before they can be registered. Classification will be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. All cars participating in the show must have a fire extinguisher and a valid insurance card. On show day, the judges will be looking for the fire extinguisher prior to judging a car.

Registration Check-In

After you have had your Fiero classified, proceed to Registration, which will be just inside the main Convention Center doors. If you are pre-registered, you will be given your registration packet along with any merchandise you pre-ordered. If you have not pre-registered, you will be given a form to fill out to complete your registration and then you will continue with the process.

Poncho Perfection Hall of Fieros

We will have a large indoor space to display Fieros and Memorabilia. When you pre-register online you will have the opportunity to select indoor parking. If the indoor parking sells out, the organizing committee reserves the right to choose which cars will be displayed. A big thanks to Poncho Perfection Magazine for sponsoring this space

The Fiero Show Field

We have a large, continuous show field located just outside the Convention Center. Fieros will be parked by class, look for instructions on how and when to park your Fiero on the show field when you regiester. Make sure you leave all compartments open you want judged; as judges will not open hoods or trunks during the judging process if they are closed.


We will have multiple teams of judges evaluating the Fieros. Each team will consist of at least one Fiero expert along with a group of automotive enthusiasts. Each class will be judged by one team to keep consistency. Look for information on how to get a copy of your scoring sheet during registration.

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be on Sunday morning in the Poncho Perfection Hall of Fieros. In addition to the class awards determined by the judge's scores, there will also be awards based on participant's ballots, kid's ballots, and special distinguished speaker awards.

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